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Thales LGA DevKit FAQ

FAQ, January 11, 2019 - 11:40am, 11855 views



here you have the possibility to give us some feedback to our new LGA DevKit

Please describe your findings short and precise. Please note, we are at the end of development and only important features/ bugfixes can be considered.

If you have some input and wishes for the next generation of DevKits feel free to comment below.





LGA DevKit Team


I´ve tested the DevKit with a DSB75 and noticed when I use DTR toggle from COM1 on DSB75 to switch on the Module (DSB75 generates a low pulse on IGT when DTR is toggled to high) the DevKit will deactivate the power supply to the Module. This is because the IGT Signal which the DSB75 generates is longer than 2 Seconds, and regarding the DevKit description a >2s Push off the ON Signal will lead to a power cut.

I measured the IGT Pulse from DSB75 it is about 4s, so if possible you could change from >2s to >5s for power cut.



Thank you Marcel!
Every feedback is helpful!

We will discuss and add it to our documentation/ change it.


Been testing both stand alone and with a DSB-mini. 





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- We had received 1 dev kit (2 boxes, etc).  I had started testing with it, overall easy setup.  Would possibly suggest a quick start picture with plug power here, usb there, etc.  The video was well done and informative.

- I had run through some testing using the USB interface, everything checked out.  Did not have a chance to fully measure the path losses, but a quick measurement says it should be OK.

- Started doing some current measurements with the R&S test set we have.  I really like the connections for testing current and voltage. I began using them.  MUCH easier than what I had been doing with modifying eval boards.

- For the EMS series which is serial interface only. I'd suggest a cabe that could be plugged into either a FTDI connector, or a cable/connector with a DB9 on onse side and attaches to the header pins on the devkit.  As we are presently using that type of setup and allow it to be used for either DSB75, DSB mini or LGADevKit.

- Present audio codec boards are not directly compatible.  Need either a redesign of codec, or a cable to convert from LGA DevKit to CODEC.

- Ran out of time to test the ASC2 for the EMS31 on the kit, are there pinouts for Pad 23 and Pad 25. 

Where can i buy this DevKit, including Gemalto m2M Module that supported with this DevKit ?

Can anyone link any documentation on how to use this module? I understand it can be used standalone but I cannot fine any software/startup guide anywhere. The only doc that seems to exist for it is more of a data sheet and overview.

Also you will find LGA modules there or the Module devkits ( with soldered LGA)

What's the part number for the adapter? Where can those be bought? My board did not come with any, rendering it useless.


I read the DevKit's User Guide and saw that it is possible to operate it with DSB75/DSB-Mini in order to connect audio devices (headset and more). I was wondering if connecting video devices is also possible, as it is not mentioned anywhere in the guide (I guess not but just wanted to make sure).

Thank you in advance ! 


I am using Dev Kit of exs-62 W. The module completely stop working after sending sleep command. It didn't respond after that command.

Please help me out .




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