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EHS5-E randomly disconnected from mobile network | Thales IoT Developer Community

July 15, 2021 - 9:38am, 2348 views

For our applications we use the EHS5-E module with our midlet.
It happens to us that the module disconnects from GPRS, or from GPRS + GSM service.
An LED that indicates the status of its connection, however, indicates that it is logged in the network.
We have tried the following commands / procedures to reconnect.
AT+CGATT=0/1 for GPRS detach/attach
AT+CFUN=4 + AT+CFUN=1 + AT+COPS=0 for reconnect to mobile network
However, they did not correct the condition described above.
Since we control another device with the midlet, a complete reset of the module is undesirable.
Do you have any ideas on how to solve the problem?