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Portenta H7 with Cat. M1/NB shield does not connect over LTE Cat-M1 | Thales IoT Developer Community

June 30, 2022 - 1:40pm, 809 views

While working with the Arduino Portenta H7 Cat. M1/NB shield, I found out that the Thales Cinterion TX62 cellular modem only connects over NB-IoT, NOT over LTE Cat-M1.

I'm using th Arduino Portenta library, with the below code snippet:

#include <GSM.h>

char pin[]      = SECRET_PIN;       //example "1234"
char apn[]      = SECRET_APN;       //example ""
char username[] = SECRET_USERNAME;
char pass[]     = SECRET_PASSWORD;

void setup() {
  while(!Serial) {}

    if(GSM.begin(pin, apn, username, pass, CATM1)){

I defined the use of CATM1 in the GSM.begin(), but it doesn't connect and eventually moves to NB-IoT after a few tries, as shown in the logs:

+CME ERROR: unknown
AT error code 0
CellularContext connect
Setup SIM (timeout 10000 ms)
+CEREG: 2<cr><ln><cr><ln>+CEREG: 5,"2D5B","0187FB66",9


Any pointers on how to make the shield connect over LTE CAT-M1?

I haven't managed to directly communicate with the cellular modem yet, allowing me to send AT Commands to the board directly. Any support to make this work would also be appreciated.