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Java platform install issues... | Thales IoT Developer Community

April 19, 2022 - 12:02pm, 1000 views


I've installed the ELS61 SDK (from file and Netbeans does not autodetect the java platform. It returns error: There is no platform selected fo installation. Of course, I can add it via Custom Java Micro Edition Platform Emulator, but it would be nice if I could make the autodetect work.

The installation/autodetect of older SDKs (for TC65 and/or EGS65) works just fine, however all of the newer ones (EHSx,ELS61) do not.

I have noticed, that the manual invocation of "emulator -Xquery" for the older SDKs returns some data, for example EGS5 emulator returns

# List of supported devices
device.list: IMP_NG_EGS5

# Properties for device IMP_NG_EGS5
IMP_NG_EGS5.description: Cinterion IMP-NG EGS5 Module
IMP_NG_EGS5.bootclasspath: C:/Program Files/Cinterion/WTK/EGS5/WTK/lib/

But the same "emulator -Xquery" for EHSx/ELS61 just waits for a couple of seconds and then returns nothing (and I believe this is the reason java platform autodetect fails)...

Any suggestions?