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EXS62 OTA-Update | Thales IoT Developer Community

September 26, 2022 - 7:51pm, 247 views


I am trying to update the userware app in a EXS62 module with embedded processing (ThreadX).

The running app name is fixed to "oem_app.bin".

So, how can this bin file be updated -on the fly- ?

Can I download a file with same name and then apply a reset?

If last is not possible, I was thinking about to write a "loader" program. This program is going to check if there are new downloaded file and if the loader found a new program, then rename the new app as oem_app.bin, but I found that the main problem here is that only one app is allowed to run at the same time, so I need to stop the loader and start the oem_app.bin but how can I start the new program if no one is running.

If anything above works how can I perform this task?

I am going to deploy some thousands of modules and I want to have an option to do a remote update.