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EXS62-W modem hang Using Mikroe Click board LTE IOT 9 | Thales IoT Developer Community

October 18, 2022 - 9:24am, 556 views

We use the modem from Mikroe the LTE IoT 9 Click | Mikroe


And is experience issues whit modem is just hanging under transparent mode opperation. so issues is like this:


Modem hang issue:

Short description: Modem can't start after several switches between LTE/GNSS modes.


According to hang image, modem reset by itself all time long. The only way to start it is total poweroff. 

It can't be reset by RESET pin, because LTE IoT 9 Click module do not have it.


Modem can hang in 30 minutes, or several days, can't find the system of it. I just found, that poweroff modem with AT-command between LTE/GNSS switch  make this time much longer.


So for now modem working is set as:

 - Power ON

 - Turn on GNSS

 - Wait for GNSS fix

 - Turn off GNSS

 - Power off

 - Power on

 - Switch to LTE mode

 - Data exchange

 - Power off