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Making a midlet the primary running midlet (giving it highest priority to run) after AT^SJOTAP | Thales IoT Developer Community

October 21, 2022 - 5:36am, 1413 views

I have a PLS62-W modem and a java midlet running on it, let's call it midletA. MidletA among other things performs an OTAP of another midlet, called midletB, using AT^SJOTAP successfully but after reboot midletA is still the primary running midlet. I used AT^SJAM=5 and AT^SJAM=4 and can see that both midlets are installed and running but the primary running midlet is still midletA which was installed using  AT^SJAM=0. Both midlets have autostart on. I tried playing with the autostart order but that doesn't help. Is there a way to prioritise midletB to run? (P.S. The midlets have different names)