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a:/JRC-1.50.1.jad problem | Thales IoT Developer Community

March 30, 2015 - 1:15pm, 2131 views


I accidentially removed a:/JRC-1.50.1.jad from my BGS5T and now my GPIO doesn't work anymore using AT commands (via Java the gpio works fine).  


The OTAP functionality also doesn't work (using SMS or AT command).

[OTAP] Starting OTAP download operation
[OTAP] Stopping all midlets
[OTAP] no midlets running
[OTAP] PS Detach
[OTAP] Starting installation
[OTAP] Try to get http://<substituted>...
[OTAP] ERROR: Server not found.
[OTAP] Transfer finished.
[OTAP] DONE with status: JAD Server Not Found
[OTAP] operation failed
[OTAP] Reboot now.

My other BGS5T has the 'JRC-1.50.1.jad' installed and running and there I don't have problem with GPIO or OTAP.

Can someone confirm that this is normal behavior?

Where can I get a fresh copy of this .jad?