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PHS8-P GPS Usage | Thales IoT Developer Community

March 26, 2015 - 4:50pm, 5314 views

Hello everyone,

I am a newbie in this forum and the reason lead me here is that we own several PHS8-P installed tablet PCs running on Windows 8. Seems like people here are more into GSM as there is only one thread related with GPS.

I want to use the GPS function of PHS8-P but below are the points I am stuck at;

1)  Confused with the configuration, in Windows Device Manager there are

i) Communications Port (Com1)

ii) Communications Port (Com2)

iii) Cinterion PH8 HSPA USB Reserved Com Port (Com3)

iv) Cinterion PH8 HSPA NMEA  Com Port (Com4)

v) Cinterion PH8 HSPA USB Com Port (Com5)

vi) Cinterion PH8 HSPA USB Modem

vii) Gemalto M2M P-Family WWAN Adapter

 I would like to acquire the NMEA data from Com4 as it is supposed to be, but no luck, no data flows. The strange thing is that, if listen the port Com1 (not whatsover related with PHS8-P) I see the NMEA sentences flowing. But even if Com1 is selected in the GPS Viewer test program, it takes forever to detect the satellites and fix the GPS signal (say more than 30 mins). It shows that 12 sats are visible and 4 of them have a threshold more than 25%, but fix still does not go thru.

I am really stuck, tried to get help from the local vendor, they did their best to sort things out but still no luck. I got another usb GPS receiver, bought for $20 from internet, it works like charm, even in the building still have GPS reception.

Any idea how to have this PHS8-P work at least as good as the cheap usb GPS receiver ?