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Reset EHS6T modem to defaults. | Thales IoT Developer Community

April 29, 2015 - 12:24am, 3914 views

Previously I would get URC's ^SYSREADY, ^SYSLOADING output messages via ASC0 on power up. However I no longer get these, not sure at which stage I lost them. If I enter any AT commands via HyperTerminal connected to ASC0 I get no response from the EHS6T. If I run a MIDlet from Netbeans, with stdout previously redirected to ASC0,  I will get the expected messages via HperTerminal. Entering AT&F does not appear to reset things back to square one - the EHS6T is not echoing back the characters. Not able to run AT^SJAM=4 to see if there are any MIDlets runnings. The impression is the default MIDlet for responding to AT commands installed on the modem is not responding or not started.

Any help on getting back to the original configuration would be appreciated, so I can enter AT commands via HyperTerminal.