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Concept board not working | Thales IoT Developer Community

May 20, 2015 - 3:00pm, 2332 views

Hi all,

I'm using the EHS6 concept board.

Most of the ***** I'm trying to run my midlet, I'm getting the following message:

Using USB port COM48.

Connecting to module...
Initializing module for debugging...
Establishing "IP connection for remote debugging of EHSx"...
Registering ip address "" of remote debugging device...
Waiting for debug device registration of "IMP_NG_EHS5_REMOTE"...
Passing control to external device emulator...
Cannot create PortForwarder with necessary parameters: Failed to connect to device 0!

*** Error ***
Failed to connect to device 0!
Emulator 0 terminated while waiting for it to register!

End of debug session. Emulator is closed

Some*****, (very rarely) it succeed to run as it should.

I've tried several ***** to uninstall and reinstall Eclipse as well as the EHS6 drivers.

Nothing seem to work.

I had the same problem a few months ago, and than I've decided not wasting my time wnd worked without the concept board. Now I have no choice to use it.

Here is the module configuration:

^SCFG: "Call/ECC","0"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/ASC1","std"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/DAI","gpio"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/DCD0","std"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/DSR0","std"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/DTR0","std"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/FSR","gpio"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/HSIC","rsv"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/PULSE","std"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/PWM","std"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/RING0","std"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/SPI","rsv"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/SYNC","gpio"
^SCFG: "GPRS/AutoAttach","enabled"
^SCFG: "Ident/Manufacturer","Cinterion"
^SCFG: "Ident/Product","EHS6"
^SCFG: "MEopMode/SoR","off"
^SCFG: "MEShutdown/Fso","0"
^SCFG: "Radio/Band","511"
^SCFG: "Radio/OutputPowerReduction","4"
^SCFG: "Serial/Interface/Allocation","1","1"
^SCFG: "Serial/USB/DDD","0","0","0409","1E2D","0058","Cinterion Wireless Modules","EHx",""
^SCFG: "Tcp/IRT","3"
^SCFG: "Tcp/MR","10"
^SCFG: "Tcp/OT","6000"
^SCFG: "Tcp/WithURCs","on"
^SCFG: "Trace/Syslog/Otap","0"
^SCFG: "Userware/Autostart","0"
^SCFG: "Userware/Autostart/Delay","0"
^SCFG: "Userware/DebugInterface","","","0"
^SCFG: "Userware/DebugMode","on"
^SCFG: "Userware/Passwd",
^SCFG: "Userware/Stdout","null",,,,"off"
^SCFG: "Userware/Watchdog","0"

Thanks in advance,