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Installation of the EHS5-SDK with eclipse(Kepler) on Win7 | Thales IoT Developer Community

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January 10, 2014 - 10:55pm, 14146 views

Hello All, the last days I spend(waste) a lot of time with the installation of the EHS5-SDK with eclipse(Kepler!) as the IDE. The operation system is win7 (two program Folders with different rights of access: "C:\Program Files\..." and " C:\Program Files (x86)\...") and I use two eclipse versions: Juno (folder: "C:\Program Files\eclipse\4.2") and Kepler (Folder: "C:\Program Files\eclipse\4.3"). My experiences: 1. eclipse was not found by setup.exe of the SDK (that doesn't matter, because of the description from the java user's guide). 2. The copied files from the SDK-install-CD (Cinterion folder) are still write-protected and faults happen during the installation. I changed the access right of the files to read-/write-able and the faults do not happen anymore. 3. MY INSTALLATION of eclipse does not include the files from "… Cinterion\CMTK\EHS5\WTK\doc\...". 4. It is not possible to teach my eclipse installation the path of the jar tools from JDK. Even not, after editing eclipse.ini. . Maybe anyone has a tip or similar experiences.