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Problems getting drivers and "IMP Debug Connection" properly installed [EHS8] | Thales IoT Developer Community

June 9, 2016 - 12:21pm, 4283 views

Hello world, ***** gemalto-community,

I think I have 2 problems and I do not know exactly if one interfere with the other.
Everytime I run the setup for installing the "Module Exchange Suite (MES)" / "IMP Debug Connection for EHSx" / "EHSxSoftware Development Kit" I get this:
IMP Debug Connection - no supported module found
The Modem is connected with the PC like this:
Modem >>> RS232 >>> RS232-to-USB-converter >>> USB-Port on computer

First time I tried to install, I wondered if the module is accessable directly via the RS232 interface so I gave it a test and YES, we could talk to each other via terminal (ATI and some test/indication LEDs on the board it's on I could turn on and off with AT^SSPI).
Tested this because in the installation wizard there was a hint that, once I start the scan, the module should be ON and amenable for AT commands - so my guess was "If I can talk to you, the installation routine can do so as well" ... seems like I was wrong: The installation routine found the right COM port COM1, scanned it but ended up with the screenshot above.

In term of finding a solution I noticed that the preinstalled instances of the ****ms showup in the device manager, BUT the drivers were not correctly installed (are the drivers even intended to be installed via the setup?) . Good thing I found a "drivers" folder with *.cat files for either USB or UART. I tried to install those drivers manually via the device manager but both did not work: Windows did not found matching drivers.

device manager

Did I get it right that I need to solve those 2 problems to be able to program the module via Eclipse/Java?
Windows 7 64 Bit
I do not know which additional system information I should provide - if something is missing, just let me know.

Thanks in advance for helpful replies