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Test program for GEMALTO M2M Wireless Modules. MTXM2M

Showcase, January 18, 2016 - 10:35am, 6785 views

Free tool for test Modules and Terminal modem AT commands

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MTX-M2M terminal is a terminal emulator tool program and serial console with network protocol TPC server and client capabilities.

This useful tool will help to all MTX-M2M and GEMALTO M2M Wireless modules modems to be tested and check all the typical AT commands:

Supported modules/ terminals:

Any module or terminal with one of the following modules inside

BGS2 / BG2

TC65/TC63/MC75(i) and the LGA variants BGS3/EGS3/EGS5/EES5

BGS5 and all EHSx variants

  • General Tab
    • Internal module identification
    • Signal quality
    • Registration status
    • SIM and PIN communication
    • IMEI
  • Audio

Not updated or supported by now, was created for created for legacy MC55 model, can test and change all parameters related with analog audio interface

  • SMS

Test SMS. Configure, read and write a SMS

  • GPRS
    • ConfiguRE, test and easily create a TCP connection using pre-configured AT commands
    • Test connection with independent Client and Server TCP-IP windows tool (orange color)

                                              Demo video Link

  • JAVA
    • Run, stop Cinterion TC65i or EHS6 based JAVA code. Disable Autostart
    • GPIO: Configure, read and write GPIO and ADC
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  • Multicommand AT

Useful tool that allow sending several AT commands once at a time or cyclical. Results can be Time Stamp copied to clipboard for further analysis

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Download links

1. Installation with all OCX and libraries … DOWNLOAD

  • Please click “SKIP” in case of some warning message

2. Only execurable .EXE intended to upgrade a previous version … DOWNLOAD


This software tool is offered and licensed by MTX-M2M “as is”: free, without any support and no warranty. Tested in Microsoft XP and Windows 7, not support for other operating systems.

This program has been developed by Matrix Electronica



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Hello Trasto,

I wanted to install and thest the program, but there is some error on istallation. But I can't tell what it means since is in Spanish.

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the link redirect directly to the FTP server withh all the version (english also avaialble)



Somewhere over the rainbow!!! Looking for the Oz Land!!!

Hello Mr Lopez.  i'm an engineering student. your tool looks amazing. i'm looking forward tot trying it but the FTP server is down can you please re-upload the file. appreciate it so much 


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