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RS232 echo demo on ASC0 | Thales IoT Developer Community

April 6, 2014 - 4:31am, 7485 views

I was looking at the RS232 demo and wanted to do the following : 1. Deploy a midlet on my concept board from Eclipse using the USB connection 2. Have a terminal connect to ASC0. (ASC0 creates a virtual COM port when hooked up to my PC). I use Hterm to connect to that port. The idea was to send data from that terminal (the one connected to ASC0). Data data should then be captured by the midlet and echoed in the midlet (and also in Eclipse as I had my Midlet output open there). I used the code from C:\Users\Public\Cinterion\EHS5 WTK Examples\WTKSamples\rs232demo and had it point to COM1. (COM0 didn't work). I have no idea how these COM-Ports are mapped to ASC0/ASC1. Available COM-Ports: COM0,COM1,USB0,USB3,USB4,USB5 CommConnection(comm:COM1;blocking=on;baudrate=115200) opened Real baud rate: 115200 InputStream and OutputStream opened RS232Demo: startApp However, I didn't receive anything in Eclipse. Any ideas ?