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Does going with the EHS5-US and the EHS5-E provide global coverage? | Thales IoT Developer Community

April 24, 2014 - 8:04pm, 4432 views

Our product is targeted at the US healthcare market initially and we desire to have the most barebones 3G offering so that we can use AT&T's network in the USA. The EHS5-US is a good solution for this. When we go to extend our offering to the rest of the world, will the EHS5-E provide me global coverage? We use an MVNO to provide our network access (KORE Telematics). They have relationships with many carriers around the world. I'm looking for a very solid understanding of where my product can be used and if there are any limitations going with the two-pronged approached with both versions of the EHS5 module. Additionally, I understand that the EHS5-US and EHS5-E have identical foot prints. Are there major software differences to consider? Can anyone point me to products that implement this two-pronged approach with the EHS5? Thank you!