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EHS6T ATD command using Java engine | Thales IoT Developer Community

October 17, 2016 - 3:15pm, 3775 views


EHS6T, I am using the java engine to control the ****m.  When I send the ATD**99***# command through the Java engine it always returns an error.  But if I don’t use the Java engine and I write to the ****m directly then I am able to send the ATD**99***# command with no problems and data stream open.  Is there a problem with using the ATD command through the Java Engine?

When doing the tests between the Java Engine and no Java engine, I initialize the ****m exactly the same from power up.

How can I get an example Java program that runs on the EHS6T that shows how to switch to and from command **** and data ****?  In the current examples folder I find only the basic programs, such as “***** world”, “rs232demo”, etc… But I am looking for an example program to show how to get into and out of data ****.