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MIDlet HelloWorld | Thales IoT Developer Community

June 9, 2014 - 7:48pm, 3043 views

Hi, I installed everything as described in the documentation (and it works too). But I have one problem/question: When performing the following: If the ATCommand class is to be used the corresponding library must be added to the project. Right click into the project tree and select "Build Path -> Add External Archives…". Then navigate to the folder "Program Files\Cinterion\CMTK\EHS5\WTK\resources" and select the library file "cwmlib_1.0.jar". If the Eclipse integration has been done by the EHS5 setup process a classpath variable was created named "EHS5_WTK_CWMLIB" pointing to that external archive for convenience. In that case the archive can be added by right-clicking into the project tree and selecting "Build Path -> Configure Build Path…". In the following dialog select the property tab "Libraries", click on the button "Add Variable…" and select the variable "EHS5_WTK_CWMLIB" in the following window. The provided example "AtCmdDemo" uses this class path variable. there is no "EHS5_WTK_CWMLIB" variable? Should I add this variable manually? Thanks. Guy