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EHS6T -JRC Issues | Thales IoT Developer Community

February 28, 2017 - 9:28am, 8875 views

I have two EHS6T which have JRC issues:


Modem 1: With a HyperTerminal connection to the serial port, on power up I get:




The ^SYSLOADING would indicate MEM is started, but I am not getting ^SYSSTARTING thus indicating the JRC is not being loaded.

The ‘O’ is just a polling command to external equipment attached to the ASC0 port.

I have tried ‘EHSx gwinswup V03001 arn00000014 to update the Firmware,  depending on flags set I get the following error messages:

·         With No Autostart and No Firmware in Module : Error: cannot send update command.

·         With nothing selected: Warning AT Command **** not selected.

Failed to set userware autostart **** to false.


Since there is no JRC I cannot use any AT command to interrogate the ****m, or update any settings.


The ****m is visible in Windows Explorer in Module Disk(A:) along with my MIDlet.


The ****m was previously working, and the problem appeared after stopping and removing the MIDlet o that I could update the MIDlet.

·         stopping the MIDlet, at^scfg=”Userware/Autostat”,”,””,”0”

·         at^sjam=3,”a:/file.jad”,””



Modem 2:

This previously also worked.

With a USB connection to the EHS6T and in Windows Explorer the ****m is visible via Module Disk (A:), and I can see previous *.jad, *.jar files.


With a HyperTerminal connection to the ASC0 com port I get no responses, ^SYSLOADING, ^SYSSTART, from the ****m on power-up, and doesn’t respond to user AT commands.


I tried to do a Firmware update on this ****m, but again on running sgwinswup I get the same error messages as for ****m 1 and thus I am unable to get an installed JRC.



I would appreciate any help in resolving the above issues with both of the ****ms.


Thank you.