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smtp connection to Office 365 | Thales IoT Developer Community

September 25, 2017 - 10:27am, 2534 views


has anyone managed to use smtp with Office 365 from a BGS5T modem or similar. I've managed to get it working with gmail but authentification seems to be an issue with Office 365. I had various errors reported back after trying various configurations but with it set to what I think is right I just get situation as below

^SISS: 0,"srvType",""
^SISS: 1,"srvType","Smtp"
^SISS: 1,"conId","0"
^SISS: 1,"address","smtps://user\\"
^SISS: 1,"tcpMR","10"
^SISS: 1,"tcpOT","6000"
^SISS: 1,"path","file:///a:/"
^SISS: 1,"files","data2.txt"
^SISS: 1,"cmd","files"
^SISS: 1,"smFrom","user\"
^SISS: 1,"smRcpt","another\"
^SISS: 1,"smSubj","My Test Mail"
^SISS: 1,"smMsg","This is the message for mail testing."
^SISS: 1,"smAuth","plain"

This produces the following messages

^SIS: 1,0,4400,"Smtp open("

^SIS: 1,0,50,"Fatal: Service has detected an internal error"

The account emails and "From" fields are a valid Office 365 accounts.