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How to validate if device is connected to GPRS | Thales IoT Developer Community

July 13, 2014 - 6:42pm, 11449 views

Dear Sir, Kindly please be informed that i’m using Cinterion-BG2-E. and I need to connect to GPRS then to Connect to server using TCP/IP connection First I fill the data of Network, “APN”,”Password” and “Username” as shown below AT+CPIN? +CPIN: READY OAT^SICS=0,CONTYPE,GPRS0 OK AT^SICS=0,ALPHABET,1 OK AT^SICS=0,”INACTTO”,”65535″ OK AT^SICS=0,APN,”” OK AT^SICS=0,USER,”internet” OK AT^SICS=0,PASSWD,”internet” OK AT^SISS=0,SRVTYPE,TRANSPARENT OK AT^SISS=0,ALPHABET,1 //////////////////////////////////////// Then to Connect to server /////////////////////////////////////// AT^SISC=0 OK AT^SISS=0,ADDRESS,”″ OK AT^SISO=0 OK ^SISW: 0, 1 AT^SIST=0 CONNECT ////////////////////////////// Now I need to now how to validate if device is connected to GPRS successfully first before trying to connect to server. Thank you