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Connect shield stopped working after using the gwinswup | Thales IoT Developer Community

October 13, 2017 - 12:19pm, 3278 views


I am working with the Connect shield that has Els61 chip on board. Everything worked fine for 10 days. I could debug a running software from the NetBeans and I didn't have any major problems except that occasionally I had to restart the device.

But today something strange happened. The AT command at^sjam=4 stopped working. I couldn't get neighter OK nor ERROR. at^sjam=5 worked but I couldn't see my .jad file running. Also, I couldn't run the software from the NetBeans anymore.

I found on your forum this thread:

As Bartłomiej recommended, I tried to run gWinSwup (els61-us_e_gwinswup_rev01.000_arn0001400) with "Recovery file system" option. After several "module update failed" messages, the new fw started to transware to the device. But in the and, after 6-7 minutes, again "module update failed" message occured. And after that my module is completelly dead. I can not see it any more from Tera Term, my Windows is not recognizing any device on the USB.

Is there any solution for this problem? How to 'see' the modem again on my Windows?

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