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BGS2T RS232 flow control issue | Thales IoT Developer Community

March 28, 2018 - 3:55pm, 7656 views

Hi everybody,

a few years ago I developed an embedded solution where my MCU communicates via the GPRS connection of a Cinterion MC55i terminal. The PPP connection is established with AT commands thrugh the RS232 interface, baud rate 115200, RTS CTS hard flow control.

Now I need to replace the modem with the newer BGS2T RS232 model but I've got some incompatibility issues. It seems to be something related to flow control because if I disable it the MCU can establish the PPP connection while if enabled it fails in handshaking phases. Maybe these terminals have different default settings so I need to adjust them to get it work with my application.

I setup the connection with the following AT commands:


Are there anyting else I should do to get it work succesfully?