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IDBridge K3000 ccid mode | Thales IoT Developer Community

April 19, 2018 - 3:30pm, 1806 views

I want to use K3000 to program some SIM cars. I searched all around the web on how to set it in CCID **** but I found nothing. I was told that there is some Windows software that does this. I came across some PDFs on google that mentioned the Gemalto SG Core toolbox. I could not find that anywhere. I read that the product is not on sale anymore but it will be end-of-life in one year from now.

Right now, the device is useless, useful to me only as a flash drive. Is there a device manual? Is there software available? How can I set it to ccid ****? There seems to be a button on the device, what does it do?