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EHS6 socket stops failing after killing JRC-1.56.54.jad | Thales IoT Developer Community

July 2, 2019 - 3:16pm, 2360 views

I have an ehs6 and I've written a program that starts a server that waits for a connection. When the connection is made, it reads data from the socket and sends it to a serial port. This works, at *****, perfectly.

Some*****, however, the program hangs on the read()-function (which is a blocking function). Data is being send to the socket from "outside", but nothing happens on the receiving end (on the ehs6-side). Only when a new connection is made to the server, the current socket is closed and the new one takes over, does the ehs6 accept new data. The next socket won't though (And the one after that will... they are alternating for some reason).

However, and this is the really weird part, if you kill JRC-1.56.54.jad on the device (with AT^SJAM=2,"JRC-1.56.54.jad",""), the program works as intended. The JRC is interfering with my program.

What does the JRC-1.56.54 program do? Do I need it? Can I prevent it from running (if I don't need it)? Is there an update that doesn't have this behaviour?