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ELS31-V: Non-transparent listener doesn't work properly after upgrading from rev B to D(.3.3.0-36343) | Thales IoT Developer Community

August 7, 2019 - 10:14pm, 7303 views

Listener is open on service 8. With rev B when everything was working as expected:

1.URC ^SIS: 8,1,x from the module on an incoming connection, where X is a dynamically assigned service.

2. Command AT^SISO=x.

3. Module: URC ^SISR: x,1

4. Then AT^SISR=x,y; and so on.

After upgrade:

1. Module doesn't always send URC ^SIS: 8,1,x, or the URC comes with several second delay.

3. URC ^SISR: x,1 never come ( 99% of cases). If URC did come, following exchange works as expected.

Please, advice how this problem can be fixed.


George Sandler

HTTP client seems to work fine.