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EHS6 blocks | Thales IoT Developer Community

December 26, 2019 - 2:43pm, 753 views

Hi, we are using data collector hardware with an embedded EHS6 . The behaviour that we are seeing is that when a numbers of packets are dropped, the EHS6 blocks and no communication is possible.  A hard reset seems the solve the issue temporarily.  According to ISP, packet loss is around 1% to *** 2%.  Also, signal is between -69dbm and -77dbm.  This is not an isolated case as we see it on different devices, on different locations and with different ISPs.  By-passing the modem-chip using an external 3g router (same location, same sim settings) solves the problem.
Is this a known issue?  Anyone a hint as where to start digging for a solution?

In previous hardware, using a previous version of the chip we do not notice any problems