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The CWMLIB_1.0.jar library is included in all the Java modules.

This library contains some  AT commands encapsulation and the HAL for the HW interfaces of the module.

The library has not been versioned ever, just to do not force the midlet to be rewritten with each FW version or subversion.

The main idea is to compile always the midlet with the SDK of the same version in order to access to the implemented fix in each version also new features.

Even the midlet is not recopiled it should work in diferent FW version also modules; exception TC65/65i

In formal FW versions the CWMLIB_1.0.jar library had to be added to the midlet project to provide to the midlet access to the features included on it, like AT command handling.

In the lastest FW versions the CWMLIB_1.0.jar library is included in the FW and added in runtime to the midlet; in a nutshell:

          -No need to add the CWMLIB_1.0.jar library in the midlet project, the final midlet will be smaller

           -If the midlet contains the CWMLIB_1.0.jar library it will be replaced by the library included in the FW

           -In case the midlet is obfuscated, the CWMLIB_1.0.jar should not be replaced. The obfuscator has to be setup to do not obfuscate the classes related to CWMLIB_1.0.jar. For example in case of Proguard just add "-keep class** {*;}" (without quotes) in order to do not obfuscate the library and it could be replaced by the library present in the FW

Taking care in the implementation step of the midlet and also those advices the same midlets will be able to be executed in modules with diferent versions and diferent modules also.

Modules that contain the CWMLIB_1.0.jar library in the FW




For detailed information, please contact you Thales M2M localy


EPT Team

Where is the link for download?


the library is included in the last modules, for the formal ones the library es part of the SDK



Somewhere over the rainbow!!! Looking for the Oz Land!!!

I added this line to the proguard settings but still getting an error:
class *** {*;}

Obfuscation Problems
Error: Expecting opening '{' at '**' in line 9 of the file.... included from argument number 1