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EHS6T USB Comms Problem | Thales IoT Developer Community

April 22, 2020 - 7:44pm, 1866 views


I have a EHS6T USB terminal connected to my Win7 PC via the terminal's USB port.

I am using Teraterm to communicate with the terminal via a COM port connection.

The terminal appears in the Windows COM port list and I can connect to it, however, the comms between PC and terminal are corrupted - I get a lot of spurious characters.

For example, during startup I see:







There are spurious characters mixed with the expected strings (SYSSTART +PBREADY).

The drivers version is from 07/01/2013 'bgs5_drivers_1110' downloaded from BGS5 development area.

I have tried Putty (a different terminal program), de-installing and reinstalling the drivers, changing the driver settings for the standard, but nothing seems to work - I always get spurious characters.

The terminal seems to be accepting commands, for example 'AT' generates a response, but the returned characters are spurios.

Any ideas what the problem might be?