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Cinterion® Connect Shield: Tools & Documentation

Documentation, January 23, 2017 - 2:32pm, 16222 views

Hey there, 

here you find everything you need to start creating the Internet of Things with the new Cinterion® Connect Shield.

Order your 
Cinterion® Connect Shield  here .

The USB driverpackage and the module and shield documents for the Cinterion® Connect Shield can be found below this article.


The package includes all necessay drivers to start. 

The Cinterion® Connect Shield is designed as a platform for the Internet of Things.

When you as a programmer are looking for wireless connectivity for your sensors and actors - this is the right tool for you! 

The Cinterion® Connect Shield can be mounted without any hardware expertise to your existing Arduino stacks. 

 The ordered package includes all necessary things, like a wideband PCB antenna, cables and adapters. 


The Connect Shield provides basic features required for wireless communication
• Technology depending on the ordered Connect Shield configuration: 2G/3G/4G/NB-IoT
• On board I 2C temperature and ambient light sensor as well as 4-bit I2C extender with 3
LED’s connected
• On board micro-SIM card holder
• ON/OFF button plus additional programmable arbitrary button
• Power supply for the Connect Shield through Arduino 5V interface and/or an additional
micro-USB on board allowing flexible powering distribution.


Connect shield Pic

User guide and quick start for the Cinterion® Connect Shield can be downloaded here:


(Quick Start Guide)

Cinterion® Connect Shield Brochure

(Basic overview about features)


 (User-Guide version for green shields. See on the backside hardwarecode A2)


(User-Guide version for orange shields. See on the backside hardwarecode B1)


(Command spec)


(USB and UART driver for Windows)

The password for the zip is: gemalto

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MWC 2017 Media Article

I bought a Connect Shield and have been working with it for a few months now. I've noticed that it usually outputs its "SYSSTART" message within a few seconds of powering it up, but occasionally it takes much longer, minutes sometimes. Any idea what causes that to happen ?

Also, regarding the schematic that's included in "connect_shield_ug_v02.pdf": Pages 16 and 17 of the UG are pages 1 and 2 of the schematic, but the schematic indicates that there are actually 3 pages. i.e. the 2 pages are labeled Sheet 1/3 and Sheet 2/3. Also, the RXD1 and TXD1 pins of the modem are connected to "RXD1/[3]" and "TXD1/[3]" respectively, seeming to reference the 3rd page.

Would you know where I can find the missing 3rd page of the schematic ? Maybe there's a later version of the PDF ?



I should have added above - when it takes longer than usual to output its "SYSSTART" message, it becomes very unresponsive to AT commands.

Has anyone done similar work with the Gemalto Cinterion EXS62-W part? It has a LTE modem and a GPS receiver in the same package. I can communicate with the modem, but am having trouble getting output from the GPS. I cannot figure out the sequence of AT command to enable GPS output.


The link on this page for ELS61-Driver is broken.  Please correct the link.  Thanks Jack


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