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Can't run midlet on the evaluation board (EHS6) | Thales IoT Developer Community

November 5, 2014 - 3:04pm, 6339 views

Hi all,

Suddnely, after a week of working, the evaluation board is not working any more.

Every time i'm runing a midlet using the Eclipse I'm getting the following error:

Using USB port COM5.

Connecting to module...
Initializing module for debugging...
Enabling EHSx debug ****...
Waiting for EHSx module reset...
Establishing "IP connection for remote debugging of EHSx"...
Passing control to external device emulator...

The specified port is not open.

Establishment of TCP/IP connection failed!
Check the COM connection and dial up network parameters!

*** Error ***
Device "IMP_NG_EHS5_REMOTE1" not registered!

End of debug session. Emulator is closed!

This is the scfg data:


^SCFG: "Call/ECC","0"
^SCFG: "GPRS/AutoAttach","enabled"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/ASC1","std"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/DAI","gpio"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/DCD0","std"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/DSR0","std"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/DTR0","std"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/FSR","gpio"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/HSIC","rsv"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/PULSE","gpio"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/PWM","gpio"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/RING0","std"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/SPI","rsv"
^SCFG: "Gpio/****/SYNC","gpio"
^SCFG: "Ident/Manufacturer","Cinterion"
^SCFG: "Ident/Product","EHS6"
^SCFG: "MEShutdown/Fso","0"
^SCFG: "MEopMode/SoR","off"
^SCFG: "Radio/Band","511"
^SCFG: "Radio/OutputPowerReduction","4"
^SCFG: "Serial/Interface/Allocation","1","1"
^SCFG: "Serial/USB/DDD","0","0","0409","1E2D","0058","Cinterion Wireless Modules","EHx",""
^SCFG: "Tcp/IRT","3"
^SCFG: "Tcp/MR","10"
^SCFG: "Tcp/OT","6000"
^SCFG: "Tcp/WithURCs","on"
^SCFG: "Trace/Syslog/Otap","0"
^SCFG: "URC/Ringline","local"
^SCFG: "URC/Ringline/ActiveTime","2"
^SCFG: "Userware/Autostart","1"
^SCFG: "Userware/Autostart/Delay","0"
^SCFG: "Userware/DebugInterface","","","0"
^SCFG: "Userware/DebugMode","on"
^SCFG: "Userware/Passwd",
^SCFG: "Userware/Stdout","usb",,,,"off"
^SCFG: "Userware/Watchdog","0"


Thanks in advance