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BGS5 OTAP Installation completed with result: 907 Invalid JAR | Thales IoT Developer Community

November 16, 2014 - 1:50am, 5477 views

Hi there,

I'm using a BGS5 hardware with my Java sofware. The thing is when I copy my Jad, Jar file to the BGS5 it runs OK with the autostart, but if i call AT^SJOTAP this is the result:

[OTAP] midlets stopped
[OTAP] PS Detach
[OTAP] Starting installation
[OTAP] Try to get  http://******************/****/****.jad ...
[OTAP] Transfer finished.
[OTAP] Update of existing midlet
[OTAP] JAR file download
[OTAP] Try to get http://******************/****/****.jar ...
[OTAP] Transfer finished.
[OTAP] Installation completed with result: 907 Invalid JAR
[OTAP] No NotifyURL set. Not posting result.
[OTAP] DONE with status: Invalid JAR Type
[OTAP] operation failed
[OTAP] Reboot now

Obs: "http://******************/****/****" is to protect my http address...

Again, the jad and jar files over the server are the same running on the module. It download the jad/jar but return this 907 status.

Can you help me to solve this?

Thank you