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Example Schematic EHS5, BGS5, BGS2, ELS31

Documentation, January 20, 2016 - 5:23pm, 6862 views

BGS2 demo with audio connectorPlease find attached a nice example schematic with power supply and little controller chip.

The following feature are supported by BGS1/2, EHS5, ELS3-demo pcb:

modules: BGS1, BGS2, BGS5, EHS5, ELS31, all using small footprint

Power Supply

  • External power plug 8-30V
  • 5V USB power supply
  • LiPo 4.2v battery chargeable from USB and power plug


  • 115.2kbit/sec COM port to STM32F070 controller


  • virtual USB-COM port (STM32F070 controller)      or
  • direct module access to BGS5, EHS5 and ELS3

GSM/HSDPA/LTE antenna:

  • on board GSM/HSDPA/LTE ceramic antenna     or
  • 2 x SMA connector for GSM / LTE-diversity


  • analogue audio with iPhone plug (BGS2 only)
  • DAI/PCM connector


-Micro SD-card access for configuration and log data

-GPS with on board antenna (OriginGPS)

-Test button

LED’s for

  • Module on/off
  • Call activity, (SYNC-LED)
  • RING (red), CTS
  • SD access (red) (controller GPIO)

1 line pin header for some remaining controller GPIO pins, GND, + 3.3V, + 4.8V

  • 2 x Inputs with simple ESD protection


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This is very useful. A very good overview and combination of things.
The power supply section is cool.

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