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Example Schematic EHS6, EHS8, ELS61, BGS1,2,12,5, EXS62,82

Documentation, June 1, 2016 - 4:16pm, 17512 views

Please find attached a nice example schematic with power supply and little ARM controller chip.

The following feature are supported by EHS5-8/ELS61-demo:


  • BGS1, BGS2, BGS12, EHS5, EXS62/82 using 106 or 114 pad footprint
  • EHS6-8/ELS61, all using 120 pad footprint

Power Supply

  • External power plug 8-30V
  • 5V USB power supply
  • LiPo 4.2v battery chargeable from USB and power plug


  • 115.2kbit/sec COM port to STM32F070 controller


  • virtual USB-COM port (STM32F070 controller)      or
  • direct module access to EHS5/6/8, ELS61 and EXS62/82


  • on board GSM/HSDPA/LTE ceramic antenna
  • 2 x SMA connector for GSM / LTE-diversity
  • SMA connector for GPS antenna with feeding circuit (EHS8 only)


  • analogue audio with iPhone plug (BGS1,2,12/EHS6A only)
  • DAI/PCM connector

LED’s for

  • Module on/off
  • Call activity, (SYNC-LED)
  • RING (red), CTS
  • SD access (red) (controller GPIO)

1 line pin header for some remaining controller GPIO pins, GND, + 3.3V, + 4.8V

  • 2 x Inputs with simple ESD protection

Micro SD-card access for configuration and log data

Test button


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i need the newer version =)

Amazing, thanks!

Do you have schematic for BGS5?

The file ELS61_EHS5_6_8_reference_design_v1.2.pdf includes BGS5 too.

Hello, I'm new to the site, could you tell me where I find the datasheets of the EHS6 module? Thank you.

hi. please do you have information about EHS8 hardware interfase description, information to developers and pin assignment of EHS8 eval board.

thank a lot

lenin morejon

Hallo my friends,
for AT specs and HW descriptions it seems you have to contact one of our local M2M/IoT Sales. Just go to - regional sites - contacts.

Hi, I downloaded the two documents and can not find the pinout of the modem I am using, the EHS6.
Where can I download it?

EHS6_8 reference design in .sch?

Is there a bill of materials for this reference board?



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