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Reference implementation for jseccmd TLS/SSL server untrusted certificate uploader / production environment / Intel-based modules, C language

Documentation, October 14, 2019 - 12:11pm, 929 views

Hereby we are publishing the source code (MIT license).
You are free to include source code in your product under certain terms or to use it as reference.
Consult source file header inside zip archive for licence details.

The solution:
Minimal stand-alone jseccmd command generator.

Usage: jseccmd certificate_filename.der > output.bin

The purpose of the tool is to encapsulate certificate into bin format
that can be passed as parameter to AT^SJMSEC command.
While AT^SJMSEC supports several possible keystore handling operations,
this limited application only handles one specific case
by making a binary command for creating server certificate
'Add Certificate for Verification of the HTTPS Connections, Untrusted'.
The output should be redirected to binary file of arbitrary name,
similarly as one would do with output from jseccmd.jar.

Compilation: gcc -Wall --pedantic jseccmd.c -o jseccmd.exe

Implementation is based upon:
11.4 Structure and Description of the Java Security Commands


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