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ASC0 and ASC1 stop working after specific commands

FAQ, March 12, 2020 - 12:55am, 3612 views

I am using an EXS82-W module, and this module has the USB to UART port through an FTDI, and ASC1 is a pure UART.

During the development of my firmware to control the module, I noticed that the UARTs stop working.

Here is the scenario:

1 - B80 Kit has its ASC0 connected to PC through the USB port

2 - B80 Kit has its ASC1 connected to a USB->UART converter, connected to pins 10 and 12 of the B80 connector.

So, I have fully access in both ASC0 and ASC1, they work fine, I can send and receive AT commands normally.

However, when I execute any RF-related command in any ASC, both ASCs stop working, for example:

ASC1 = AT  // works fine

ASC1 = ATE  // works fine

ASC1 = COPS+2 // executes and then both UART stops working

If I execute the same steps in ASC0, the same problem happens at COPS+2.

This problem causes to ASC1 to dump trash signals in the serial channel.

Is there any solution for this?

I suspect that this may be interference from the RF part of the module?

P.S.: AT commands not related to RF-activation works fine, only those that start the RF/start connection are the ones that cause this problem.


Please ensure that you have a 1 Amp power supply (USB Y-cable 2x links) and that you are using the latest pre-release firmware which is currently: exs82-w_rev01.003_arn01.000.05

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