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Some Q&A about SensorLogic Agent and Portal

FAQ, September 2, 2014 - 2:32pm, 4702 views

Following Q&A retrieved during setup of SensorLogic customer demo from SL product manager


What kind of information is retrieved dynamically from the client (interfacing with SL agent or with SL API in general) and what kind of information is configured/coded at server side to make things work with the specific device (icons, sensors, params..)

2 categories of object: module services and application services.As soon as, module services is started, the tabpane with information about the module and the network will appear.For application services, the instantiation of object is dynamically taken in account by the server at power on of the device.Let’s take an example…. an AnalogSensor object is implemented and instantiated in the code of the midlet. Following the design rules, this object has an ID, a name, a maximum threshold, a reporting frequence, etc….At power-on, all registered objects are enumerated to the server woith their properties and parameters.  Some icon has been provisioned and are displayed according the name of the sensor (like temperature). If not found, a default icon is displayed.

What kind of information is bound to the device type concept?

Globally the device type concept defines the capabilities of a device. As well as the inbound command and outbound command. For most of device types, these features are fixed. Always the same number of sensors. No change among the life cycle of the device. On Sendum device for example has a GPS, a temperature sensor, a shock sensor, and this properties are available through API and UI.The exception is GRIP device. GRIP device means that the SL Agent is embedded and and this case, the enumeration of device capabilities is dynamical.


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