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Bottle opener, CatM/NBioT demo

Showcase, November 4, 2020 - 1:16pm, 3510 views

Bottle opener is is a nice demonstrator for our CatM/NBioT products. It uses an EXS62, communicates via MQTT messages and runs on a 3.8V,680mAh battery. 


  • designed for EXS62/82, ENS22, EMS31 Cinterion modules 
  • Device is supplied by a 3.8V, 680mAh LiIo battery
  • PCB strain gauges as opening recognition
  • native USB2.0 slot for module access (if supported by the module). 
  • miniSIM slot for an NBioT capable SIM card
  • on board ceramic antenna from the shelf
  • very small microcontroller STM32L011


The SW is based on a 2 task simple operating system. It runs 2 serial interface streams, one of them an AT command stack. When bending the strain gauges, a message containing NCC and MNC is sent to the server and can be displayed e.g. on a world map. We use the module internal MQTT service, which allows to work with a very small controller. Server address is changed. After a few seconds of none operation the device switches off and restarts only when touching the device.


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