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Cinterion EHS6 Concept Board and ST X-NUCLEO IKS01A1 shield Java demo (SMS)

Showcase, December 13, 2015 - 2:03pm, 1965 views

EHS6 reads data from the ST shield devices using their I2C interfaces.
EHS6 shows readings individually or as a comma separated string.

HTS221 – Temperature and Humidity (datasheet)
LPS25H – Temperature and Pressure (datasheet)
LIS3MDL – Temperature and 3D Magnetics (datasheet)
LSM6DS0 – Temperature, 3D Gyro and 3D Accelerometer (datasheet)

EHS6 implements an SMS subscription and publication service
Users can SUBscribe to the server, and later STOP their subscription
Users select TOPICs such as T=Temperature, P=Pressure, G=Gyro etc.
EHS6 will respond to any SMS with usage guidelines and HELP text.