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Cinterion ELS61 Connect Shield Java Demo

Showcase, October 13, 2017 - 7:12pm, 8292 views

This project shows how to access the ELS61-E rel 1 Connect Shield sensors using I2C via a Java application running on the module. Working with Connect Shield versions A2 and B1 - see notes in

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(C library)

The two devices NXP PCA9536 (GPIO extender) and NXP PCT2075 (temperature) work stand alone with the module.

The NOA1305 (ambient light) sensor should be fitted to future versions of the ConnectShields, and is designed into this demo software already.

In addition to the sending of data via MQTT there is also an (older) SMS subscription server running that allows (i) scheduled SUBscribed data reporting via SMS along with the (ii) Cell/Wifi based Location reporting service based on Combain and (iii) Module hardware and network status reporting.

See also other demonstrations in this series (such as X-Nucleo, Windmill etc.):

(Java MQTT)

Great work!


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