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AT Demo - parsing AT Commands over the air

Showcase, April 27, 2018 - 7:06pm, 3195 views

AT Demo - parsing AT Commands via Serial ASC0, SMS and MQTT

Concept board demonstration for events

AT Command parsing via SMS and MQTT

AT Command parsing via emulated ASC0

Detailed incoming call notification out to ASC0 and MQTT

"GPS" (on EHS8 only) and Cell ID "LOC" based location via SMS and MQTT

Module status via SMS and MQTT

Concept Board Button-A sends readings, locations and module status to all subcribers.

A "+++" style break added to allow return to normal ASC0 AT Command interpreter.

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Hi Simon,

Again a brilliant demo. I tested that with a EHS6T LAN terminal with success.
The stdio can be seen in the OpenWRT side as /dev(ttyACM3.

Best Regards, Antero

Antero Markkula
Communication and Mechatronics

Enkom Active Oy –
Upseerinkatu 3 A, 02600 Espoo, Finland
Mobile: +358 400 411368
Office: +358 10 204 0000
Fax: +358 10 204 0010

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I'm trying to compile the sources that are available in this topic, but from what I've found there are missing other classes(sources). For example: GpioHandler, AtcHandler, ASC0Handler, ... etc.
The dist package files work, but I'd like to do other tests.
I'm using the Eclipse IDE.

Best Regards

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Providing such demonstrations and tutorials for the latest tools and gadgets will help to learn about the same easily. Great to know about the latest tool and how it is parsing commands over the air. Keep sharing more useful stuff like this. hostsailor 

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attempting to aggregate the sources that are accessible right now, from what I've found there are missing different classes(sources). 

nice demo learnt a lot about the gudgets 

thank you