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EXS82-W SDK Enhancement

Showcase, April 19, 2021 - 8:50pm, 459 views

I've created some extra stuff for the EXS82-W SDK. Currently it's a collection of Python 2 scripts to improve the usability of official SDK. The improvement involving these aspects:

  • Add wrappers to to install/delete app to/from target module (
  • Add scripts to the SDK examples directory, allow one to build/install all example projects via one easy-to-use script.
  • Allow user to delete all apps from module via the

See for detail.

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Hello, I am currently try to use LGA DevKit  together with EXS82-W module, but I can't find the Cinterion IoT SDK everywhere, could you please tell me how to find the official SDK folder? Funny thing is, I found the SDK user guide somehow. Thanks ahead

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