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MV32 under live 5G network SA (Stand Alone) in North America

Showcase, July 28, 2022 - 5:43pm, 1305 views

Recently, we have tested our MV32 5G modules under live 5G network SA (stand alone) in North America.

Here is a show case of MV32 under live 5G network in SA (stand alone) @City Toronto, Canada ( tested on July 24, 2022)


[07-24 14:47:42:601] Send: at+cops=?

[07-24 14:48:04:670] Receive: 
+cops: (1,"Bell","Bell","302610",7),(1,"TELUS","TELUS","302220",7),(1,"Bell","Bell","302610",12),(1,"Freedom","Freedom","302490",7),(1,"Bell","Bell","302610",2),(1,"TELUS","TELUS","302220",2),(1,"Rogers Wireless","ROGERS","302720",2),(1,"Rogers Wireless","ROGERS","302720",7),(1,"Freedom","Freedom","302490",2),(1,"TELUS","TELUS","302220",12),,(0,1,2,3,4),(0,1,2)



See attachment for OTA messages (logged between 5G SA network and DUT)


Download File capture.jpg (jpg | 111.31 KB)


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