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Showcase, November 15, 2017 - 6:15pm, 1367 views

This project is a port of the facinating STAR WARS ASCIIMATION demo.

Original Work: Simon Jansen ( )
Telnetification: Sten Spans ( )
Terminal Tricks: Mike Edwards (email address redacted)

The hard work was done by the guys above; I just ported it to the Cinterion EHS6 concept board.

The demo should be viewed on the module's Java Stdout port in a terminal window 80x24 characters. It appears more "movie-like" when viewed on the Teraterm terminal emulator, rather than on ZOC (which seems to "flicker" too much).

The Concept Board Button-A acts as a Fast Forward Button, skipping through the movie.

ZOC and Teraterm - EHS6

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May The Force Be With You!!!

Somewhere over the rainbow!!! Looking for the Oz Land!!!

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David Martens

Looks like you have to much time ;)
Nice work my friend =) 

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