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Terminal GPIO Demo

Showcase, July 7, 2017 - 12:19pm, 3325 views

Cinterion EHS6 Terminals - GPIO demo

Terminal GPIO usage and set-up showcase
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Customer query:

I have a Project with an EHS6 USB Terminal which should be configured via a Java MIDlet.
It is an Alarm system which has 3 outputs which react to 3 different sensors and
are connected via the GPIOS of the terminal.

My task is to respond to which one of the sensors the terminal is sending an SMS.

Sensor_1 GPIO12: Alert_01;       
Sensor_2 GPIO13: Alert_02;
Sensor_3 GPIO14: Alert_03;

My question would be, how do I have to change the Java code so that the MIDlet 3 different GPIOS
with 3 different SMS messages can process?

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You can copy, duplicate and modify the basic file to create three buttons ButtonA, ButtonB etc...

Modify which GPIO to monitor:

    public  static String gpioPin = gpioPin11;

              // Actual GPIO to use


In the class method "start()" you can link to the three ButtonHandlers A,B and C:

        // Allows Button Handler to tell us about a "button down" event on the Concept board

        if (buttonListenerA == null) {

            buttonListenerA = new ExternalDeviceButtonHandlerListenerA();

            if (buttonListenerA != null) {





Of course, to take actions you'll need to make three ExternalDeviceButtonHandlerListeners too...


// ------------------------------------------------------------- //


class ExternalDeviceButtonHandlerListenerA implements InPortListener {

    final boolean DEBUG = false;


    public void ExternalDeviceButtonHandlerListenerA() {



    public void portValueChanged(int changedInPortValue) {

        if (DEBUG) {System.out.println("[ExternalDeviceButtonHandlerListenerA]: " + changedInPortValue);}


        if (changedInPortValue == ButtonHandler.BUTTON_DOWN_ON) {

            ExternalDevice.alarmStateA = ButtonHandler.BUTTON_DOWN_ON;

            SubscriptionHandler.getInstance().sendAdhocBroadcastToAllSubscribersBySMS("Alarm_A", SmsHandler.CLASS1);



        if (changedInPortValue == ButtonHandler.BUTTON_UP_OFF) {

            ExternalDevice.alarmStateA = ButtonHandler.BUTTON_UP_OFF;

            SubscriptionHandler.getInstance().sendAdhocBroadcastToAllSubscribersBySMS("Disarm_A", SmsHandler.CLASS1);





// ------------------------------------------------------------- //


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