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UART to FTP pipe - example Java MIDlet

Showcase, June 30, 2016 - 4:01pm, 4951 views


This is a short the FTP example project which uses the free Ftp2Me library ( with only some minor modifications.

After start the application starts listening on the ASC0 interface. All the data received is stored to the module's file system. After the end of file sequence (defined by the user - 3 characters repeated 4 ***** each) the data is sent to the FTP server as file. Some status information is also sent back on UART. Additionally there is debug output sent to system out. After all files are sent (the number of files is configured in the jad file) the application closes.

Some more information can be found in the source files.


Some parameters can be configured in the jad file:


UART_baudrate: 115200


EOF_Char_1: q

EOF_Char_2: w

EOF_Char_3: e


FTP_port: 21

FTP_user: user

FTP_password: pass

Download File (zip | 110.72 KB)


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