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Analog and digital readings problem | Thales IoT Developer Community

November 20, 2020 - 1:11pm, 1112 views

Hello good day.

I have some EHS6 modules

A-REVISION 00.000.51

Which is constantly connected for about 6 months. with a solar panel and a battery.

Works correctly. but there was a time when it started throwing analog reads (ADC) at -1 (i.e an error occurred while trying to read). And the digital readings didn't read them to me correctly either, as they didn't give me a signal when the circuit was closed. these devices are in the field. I rebooted them telematically and the problem persisted. I have gone to the place where the devices were placed and have disconnected the power for 5 minutes. I have reconnected them and they have worked correctly again.

This has happened to me with 4 devices (on different days and *****) of the 40 that we have.

You wanted to ask them, to see if you knew what could be happening. Since it doesn't always happen. We have also noticed that this happens when they have a long time without turning off. This is why we have a bit of a hard time tracking the bug.

thank you