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Any guide to get started on the PLS62 and JAVA | Thales IoT Developer Community

February 8, 2021 - 5:00am, 6151 views


Is there a guide on how to set up a "***** world" project in JAVA and "debug it" ?

I have installed the Gemalto SDK, JDSK 1.7.0 and 1.8.0 as required and picked Netbeans because I had issues with Eclipse not finding the JRE (error on start up). I have the Gemalto Module Manager running. Installed it on Win10x64.

Form  Netbeans, what are the steps I need to configure the IDE to work with the PLS62 Terminal.  The JAVA code when debugging is loaded into the module by the NEtBeans ide ?

Please forgive me is this question sound basic or I look a bit lost, until now I have been working on microcontroller IDE's, in C and C++, were you can look up your dev board or your programmer and microcontroller. This IDEs were tailored to the HW. Is the Netbeans IDE that the Gemalto SDK installed already set up to work with PLS62 terminals ?.

I read some guides but none of them shown how the basic setups is done (if any). 

I have read that I need to add som plug ins through the NetBeans ide.

As I said, I just need some basic directions, just a bit of a push for one guy that is starting here :)

My application will read data from a serial device and send it to a known IP and port. Also must allow configuration of parameters via SMS. Until now I was running an init script manually (batch of AT commands). I was planing to program a microcontroller to do this, then I was told that I can use the JAVA on the PLS62 to do all of this and more, not need of an external host processor


Any help would be really appreciated !!!!