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AT^SJOTAP inconsistency


March 24, 2015 - 5:57pm, 1914 views

Hi (again),

now that i can successfully run OTAP, I'm noticed a very annoying behaviour change in aT^SJOTAP.

Usually we deliver our device with a modem and a preinstalled midlet.

^SJAM: "a:/Java/jam/pqgprs/ehs5.jar","PqGprs","Parkare Group S.L.","08",0,68540,0

therefore, this midlet is called as


if for some reason the module needs to be updated, or it just doesn't contain any midlet, an OTAP process is triggered as:


hoever, my surpise is that the installed/updated midlet is now installed as:

^SJAM: "","PqGprs","Parkare Group S.L.","08",0,69146,0

Therefore if I try to run it, it will no longer work because as seen before I'm using AT^SJAM=1,"a:/Java/jam/pqgprs/ehs5.jar",""

It appears the <Appl_Dir> parameter in AT^SJOTAP is no longer used to identify the applet.

is the only way to sidestep this issue to always use the OTAP url ("http://80...") instead of the local one("a:...")?

This would mean that the app manually installed at "a:..." would never be used because I would look for url "http://..." and it would not be found, so an OTAP process will always be run regardless of the manual installation the first time.

Am i right, or I'm missing something?