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A basic Java CD usage training in Taiwan on May 3rd | Thales IoT Developer Community

April 28, 2016 - 12:57pm, 2286 views

We'll have a small training session in Taiwan, plan to address basic Java CD usage topic, so the agenda will be

1. Why Java, introduce our Java module family, capability & restriction, SensorLogicogic AEP integration, Concept board, DevZone.

2. Java CD installation debug, check each student Java CD installation status, help them as much as we can

3. Volcano Robot, demo how to create a new project via Eclipse, how to package for output JAR/JAD, how to use MES, and Java related AT commands.

To really see howto use the Java CD with Eclipse IDE, we encourage people to install the Java Midlet development environment (Java CD) on the laptop before training. It’s very simple, and you may call help from your local expert.

Here is some basic instructions regarding to install the Java CD:

1. Prepare a laptop that is clean enough, better be a freshly install Windows XP or Windows 7 PC, without any EHSx USB driver, JDK, Eclipse pre-installed.

2. Attach a concept board or EHSx EVK+DSB to the PC you’ll use, via the USB, and power-on; ignore the notification about Windows driver not found message from the EHSx/Concept board USB connection.

3. Install the Java CD, the Setup will install the EHSx driver, JDK, and Eclipse IDE for you.

Because a Java module is also a modem, you'll have to access AT command interface via terminal emulator application like Tera Term/Zoc/Hyper Terminal. Please at least install one on your laptop.

Personally I favor Tera Term for it’s open source and free software.

我們即將在台灣舉辦一套基礎的 Java CD 的使用研習營,鎖定的主題為

1. 為什麼要用 Java,介紹我們 Java 模組家族,其能耐與限制;介紹 SensorLogic AEP 的整合,著名的 Concept board,以及我們的開發者論壇。

2. Java CD 的安裝與問題解決,我們會檢查每個學員的電腦安裝狀況,盡力協助。

3. 藉火山機器人專案,介紹使用 Eclipse 建立新專案,封裝編譯完的檔案成為 JAR/JAD 輸出檔;如何使用 MES 與 Java 相關的 AT 指令。

為了讓眾位學員真的學到怎麼用 Java CD 與 Eclipse IDE,我們建議來之前先執行 Java CD 上的 Setup.exe 把 Java Midlet 開發環境裝好;其實步驟超簡單,不會的話可以就近找你的 IT 專家協助。


1. 準備一台乾淨的筆電,最好裡面只有剛安裝好的 XP 或 Windows 7,(最好不要)不用先裝 EHSx 的驅動程式,JDK,以及 Eclipse。

2. 把 Concept board 或 EHSx EVK+DSB 用 USB 連接到 PC 並開好機,先忽略 Windows 對找不到相關驅動程式的警告訊息。

3. 執行 Java CD 裡的 Setup.exe 來安裝 Java CD;Setup 會自動幫你把 EHSx 的驅動程式、JDK 與 Eclipse IDE 全部為你裝好。

因為 Java 模組就是一個數據機,你會需要用到類似 Tera Term/Zoc/Hyper Terminal 的終端機模擬程式來對它下 AT 指令。請先裝好一套備用。

我個人很推薦 Tera Term,因為它既開源又是免費軟體。

Best Regards,
Antony Shen